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Barb's Momentum by Design
Intuitive Coaching
to Transform Your

Your Source for Personal Growth 

A program to take you from playing small to stepping Into Your Authentic Self with Intuitive Life and Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Angel Communication Practitioner Barb Rossi.

  • Are you Looking for clarity about your life purpose?

  • Do you want to strengthen your Self-worth and truly believe in Yourself?

  • Are you feeling stuck and disempowered?

  • Have you become invisible or feel like you're not being taken seriously?  

  • Are limiting self-beliefs derailing you from living your dream life?

This is a 6-week Intuitive Coaching program to help you reignite your confidence, clear and release your blocks and limiting self-beliefs so you can not only remember, but also reclaim your Personal Power and step into your True Self.  Using a combination of Angel guidance, Life coaching, and the wisdom of my extensive life experience, I will support you in becoming a woman who is able to make confident decisions from Authenticity instead of fear.  A woman who doesn’t play small or settle for life’s crumbs.

I want to help you become a woman who believes in her worth and isn’t afraid to express it.

Are you ready to make the necessary changes in your life and reclaim your power?


Are you someone who: 

  • Has let anxiety take over your peace of mind

  • Has “settled”, all the while knowing you deserve better

  • Puts everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and is feeling resentful

  • Has an overly harsh Inner Critic/Judge and needs help silencing them 

  • Needs to move from disempowered to Self-Confident and Empowered 

  • Thinks the love they're looking for is outside of themselves


Regina H, Toronto, Ontario

Attending Barbara's coaching class was a great experience for me.  She guided me to face my fears and weaknesses.  She is a great life mentor for me and encouraged me to become a better version of myself.  

Jessica L, Phoenix,  AZ

The 3 most significant results I've experienced from coaching with Barb are less anxiety and stress, allowing my body the time it needed to recover, and trusting myself and honoring MY timeline.  What I loved most about coaching with Barb is that she is very personable and authentic and finds ways to elicit profound realizations every time.  I would highly recommend working with her. 

Robyn S, Indianapolis, IN

Barb has a calm disposition that makes it very easy to talk to her.  She listens to you and offers great advice and strategies, but also helps you see your own choices of helping yourself.  If you get off-track, she is quick to get you back on track.  Barb is non-judgmental and empathetic.  


Hi, I’m Barb, I AM your Intuitive, Transformational Guide and Coach. My passion is to empower women of all ages, and to help them let go and heal all the ways they’ve lost themselves and step back into their Divine power.  

As a woman who has learned her lessons the hard way, thru the help of various modalities, which have changed my life, I’d like to help women to feel supported into loving themselves and overcoming the struggles of low self-worth that has held them back.


Having made the difficult journey to self-acceptance and learning to love myself, it pains me to see that many of my sisters suffer from the same illusions of low self-worth from misinformation given to them during their formative years.  I want to help you with stepping away from that for good and never looking back.


Allow me to help you work on reprogramming those outdated beliefs, reclaim your Essence and step onto the path of the Warrior Goddess you came to Earth to be, and also become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

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